White Touchwood Cot

Used yet plenty of life left

Brand new they retail for around $800. 

Mattress sold separately - keep reading for info on mattress


Note from Seller "we have disassembled the cot, so the photos are when it was in use. If you would like to see it, let Little Trading Post know as they can arrange a viewing. 

It is a lovely solid cot. Personally, I loved how easy it was to drop the mattress height and the sides when loading the little one in and out. It also looked lovely in our room. Plenty of space to store underneath."


Why Touchwood? 

Here is a link to their website explaining how great they are. Click HERE


Mattress - In Nature

Made from only nature in NZ. InNature mattresses ensure there are no hidden nasties for your baby to breath. This mattress was used by two children, but it still looks brand new. 

Made from organic materials. 

Bestseller - medium Firm

These usually retail for around $400 per mattress. Selling here for $85

Here is a bit of info on InNature - Click HERE

Note from Seller" I LOVED this mattress. When my little ones arrived, I felt reassured that they were not breathing in any chemicals from mattresses, not from natural materials - especially as my youngest slept on her front. We rotated the mattress often, so there were no indents." 


Collection Area: Lake Hayes Estate

Touchwood Cot

SKU: 2006 - 032
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