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We all know that kids (especially babies) grow up quickly! Before you know it - their shoes no longer fit, their bike is too small or they have changed into a 'big bed'. It is expensive to buy everything new, and wasteful to just throw it away. 

The purpose of Little Trading Post is to help Mum's and Dads recirculate their pre-loved items in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. 

I am a mum myself of two lovely little daughters here in Queenstown. Once my girls arrived in the world, I soon realised how quickly they grow and progress with their sports. I often find myself in second-hand shops or scrolling through sites online looking for something they need. At the same time, we suddenly had tons of items that were no longer needed but still had value.


This is where the idea of The Little Trading Post originated - what if I could quickly find the item I needed online instead of spending time on the search? The time I would save!  As an added bonus, I could also sell the items I no longer required at the same place. Win-Win! 

Little Trading Post helps to make your life a little bit easier while giving a once loved item a second chance. 

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July 2020

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